Business Continuity and DR

Avoiding “The End Of Days” For Your Business.

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The Problem You Are Facing

business continuity solutions

Avoiding “The End Of Days” For Your Business.

  • 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open their doors or close their doors permanently within 18 months of the incident. (Source, Axa)
  • Aligned Technologies has DR products and services allowing businesses to sleep at night understanding their data is secure and recoverable.
  • Do you have a DR Plan and the Business Continuity infrastructure established to allow you to not only recover from a disaster but also keep on doing business during the recovery process?
  • Our Business Continuity products and services allow a business to continue to work “Business As Usual” while recovering from a disaster scenario.

Achieving Your Vision

We help you select and implement the Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity infrastructure to achieve your vision. Our goal is simple: to make sure your technology capabilities aligns with your business goals and remains within your technology budget.

Leverage our Tools and Expertise

Our proprietary tools and deep solutions expertise help you fast track your Disaster Recovery Plan evaluations and improve your technology decision-making.

Stay on Top of Changing Technologies

Our guides are experts in ensuring your Disaster Recovery Plan is properly aligned with your business goals and your business stays on top of the changing technologies and ahead of your competition.

Get the Most
Competitive Pricing

Our sourcing expertise makes sure you get the most competitive pricing for your new Disaster Recovery Plan and our implementation expertise smoothens your implementation experience.

Guaranteeing Success

When you choose to work with an Aligned Technologies guide you take advantage of our proven “Technology Transformation Plan” (TTP). This is a simple 3 step plan for YOUR SUCCESS.

Confirm Goals

Confirm your technology initiatives and business goals and ensure they are properly aligned.

Evaluate Solutions

Leverage our tools and engineering experts to evaluate, shortlist, conduct demos, and make solution and provider recommendations.

Select, Implement
and Transform!

Become the company your competitors fear.

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Aligned Pathfinder

Aligned's Pathfinder puts the universe of technology right at your fingertips to fast track your technology solutions research. Tools developed from decades of our guides, architects and engineers research from helping thousands of clients with the latest technologies. Watch this one minute video to get a glimpse of the power of Pathfinder.

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DRaaS - Get prepared for the worst

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions are cost effective and flexible and allow businesses to fully recover from any major infrastructure failure and even security events (like Ransomware attacks) with minimal disruption.

Solution Demo

DRaaS 101 - Leveraging the cloud to protect your Operating Infrastructure

Most businesses have recognized the importance of backing up their data to the cloud, but now, with the increasing affordability of DRaaS solutions, a rapidly growing percentage of them are now taking the next logical step for ensuring their survival. They are now backing up their entire Operating Infrastructure to the cloud using a DRaaS solution.

Business Continuity and DR