As a savvy SMB Owner or Manager, you need to Focus on Your Business

We know you have customers to serve, competition to beat, and a business to grow. But these days you need the right technologies in place to be successful.

Enterprise Capabilities. Small Business Investment.

SMBs seldom have the time or the qualified people on their teams to keep up with the changing technologies available to them. When you work with one of Aligned Technologies’ guides and our team of expert solution engineers we give you the power of the latest proven enterprise technology solutions, right-sized for your needs, and aligned with your goals and budget.

Just imagine, the right-sized enterprise technologies working for you and taking your business to the next level:

  • Serving your customers better
  • Reaching your goals faster
  • Saving you 20% to 40%

We’ve got our eyes on your technology while you keep your eyes on the ball.

Say no to...

  • Distractions from your core business
  • Confusion, stress, and frustration
  • Endless sales calls
  • Negotiating with pushy salespeople
  • Technology that doesn’t work

Say yes to...

  • Saving money
  • Better technology
  • Reaching your goals faster
  • Beating the competition
  • Being more productive
  • Success!

Put today’s most powerful technology to work for you.

Why Get Aligned?


Evaluate and buy the best technology solutions for your business


Save money over your current technology spending


Experience the comfort of having someone dedicated to making sure your technology works

Big Business Technology.
Small Business Budget.

We constantly monitor the ever-changing technology solution and provider landscape and will point you in the direction of the best-in-class solutions from reliable providers at a price that works for you.

Objective Advice.
Aligned to Your Goals.

As independent advisors, you can rely upon our guides for objective recommendations. Based on your goals and priorities, we help you select solutions and technologies that work for you.

The Right Tools for the Job.

We leverage powerful proprietary solution evaluation, availability, and pricing tools built to fast-track the evaluation of competing technology solutions and vendors to quickly find the right-fit technology for you.

There’s Power in Our Process.

With decades of experience and having guided thousands of client technology projects, we’ve learned what it takes to get fast and successful results from technology projects.

Find out more about Aligned and why we’re the right partner to guide you through your next technology project.

Technology We Can Help You With Includes:

Phone Service

Phone Service

Keep reliably connected with your customers
Any and all types of phones, cloud and premise-based phone systems, unified communications, collaboration, and VoIP technology to keep you reliably connected to customers.
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Fast, Reliable and Cost-Effective connectivity
Fast, reliable, and cost-effective Fiber, Broadband, Wireless and Satellite internet access that connects your business to the Internet and the applications you need regardless of your location.
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Protect your business
Not even SMBs are safe anymore. Protect your network, devices, and data from pervasive and emergent security threats. Educate your employees and avoid a costly hack or ransomware attack.
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Software/ Applications


Consolidate billing and support
An application marketplace for all your business software needs. Consolidate all your application license purchasing, billing, and support from a single Apple iTunes or Google Play store-like interface and dedicated support team.
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Data Center / Cloud Infrastructure

Data Center / Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your servers and key business applications offsite to a quality custom-built data center or to the cloud increases your uptime and allows your employees to keep connected even if something were to happen to your regular workplace. We’ll help you identify the most cost-effective, scalable and secure infrastructure solution from the world’s leading data center, private, public, and hybrid cloud providers to meet your specific needs. Discuss your needs
Discuss Your Needs



For many businesses, after their payroll, energy costs are their next highest monthly cost. Deregulation of the majority of the US energy marketplace allows us to help you reduce your monthly energy spend. We’ll provide a free Energy Audit to confirm how well you (or your existing Energy Broker) are taking advantage of possible savings opportunities and identify what additional measures would allow you to maximize your energy savings further. Discuss your needs
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To review our full portfolio of technology solutions

Business Initiatives We Can Help You With Include:

Moving your office

We can make this a painless, well planned, and smooth process.

  • Avoid losing any business and prevent costly downtime during your office move.
  • Even save enough money on your new office phone and internet services to pay for brand new phone and computer equipment.
  • Avoid losing any business and prevent costly downtime during your office move.
  • Even save enough money on your new office phone and internet services to pay for brand new phone and computer equipment.

Conferencing options

Affordable Audio, Web, and Video Conferencing.

    • With more business being conducted by a distributed workforce, conferencing services are now a critical part of most businesses’ communication services.
    • Enterprise web and video conferencing capabilities are now available within Small Business budgets allowing dramatically reduced travel expenses and time wasted traveling.
    • With the improved compatibility and usability of web and video conferencing products, these services allow dramatically improved collaboration with remote colleagues, vendors, and clients.
    • Aligned Technologies understands the pros and cons of the leading Conferencing Products and we guarantee you the best pricing no matter which equipment and service you select.

More Bandwidth

High-Speed Internet Connectivity is now a must.

    • If you are still using a T1 for your primary internet connectivity then you are operating at what now amounts to “Dial-Up” internet speed and paying over the odds for the privilege.
    • With more businesses leveraging Cloud-based services for everything from their email to their file storage and file sharing having a secondary internet connection is now becoming crucial.
    • Aligned Technologies is an independent telecom broker and we have tools what instantly identify the availability and pricing of the different internet connectivity options for our business clients.
    • When looking for a super reliable fiber connection, a less reliable but cheap cable or asymmetric ethernet connection, or perhaps something in between, we guarantee you the very best pricing.
Expiring telecom contracts

Present An Opportunity For Savings & Upgrades.

  • Do you have a phone, internet or data network contract expiring in the next 12 months?
  • With new providers and services becoming available your contract expirations present the perfect opportunity to shop around for better pricing and better upgraded services.
  • If you have an expiring contract make sure not to get caught with undiscounted “rack pricing” or by an annoying “auto-renew” clause from your current service provider.
  • Aligned Technologies helps businesses find more competitively priced telecom services every day. We typically save clients between 20% and 40% while also negotiating service upgrades.
Business continuity

Avoiding “The End Of Days” For Your Business.

  • 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open their doors or close their doors permanently within 18 months of the incident. (Source, Axa)
  • Aligned Technologies has DR products and services allowing businesses to sleep at night understanding their data is secure and recoverable.
  • Do you have a DR Plan and the Business Continuity infrastructure established to allow you to not only recover from a disaster but also keep on doing business during the recovery process?
  • Our Business Continuity products and services allow a business to continue to work “Business As Usual” while recovering from a disaster scenario.

Is your office workforce able to work from anywhere or are they still having to come into the office?

    • Gone are the days when just the sales people required mobility, this is now the “new norm”.
    • Have you fully transitioned to the cloud to enable this flexibility for your employees, or is this still work in progress and are you still jumping through hoops to enable this?
    • Offering Work From Home or Flex/Hybrid Working arrangements is helping businesses not only keep their best employees but also find new employees in a very competitive hiring market.
    • We help businesses move to a cloud-based infrastructure to provide increased reliability, redundancy, security, scalability and at the same time enable flexible working arrangements for their workforces.

Is Applications Licensing something you feel you have visibility to and under control?

  • Do you have your license contracts at the tip of your fingertips or easy to access to confirm license types, quantities and contract end dates?
  • Are you sourcing your applications from different vendors and being billed for them separately by those vendors?
  • Are you getting quality (if any) support for your applications from those vendors, and if you are, do you have to pay extra for that support?
  • We help businesses get their applications licensing under control and under a single vendor who actually includes free support for all the applications ordered through them. This vendor provides them an intuitive applications marketplace, similar to your Apple App store or Google Play store, from which to order and manage your licenses.

Are you able to track what each employee is spending their time on each day and their resulting productivity versus that of their peers?

    • Has this become increasingly harder as more of your employees work remotely?
    • Have you been able to identify the activities and activity volumes that are driving the results of your top performers?
    • Are you using any tools to gather feedback and best practices from your employees?
    • We help businesses with solutions that drive employee engagement, productivity and business results.
Reduce spending

Effortlessly save 20% – 40% on your phone & internet service.

  • If telecom pricing is falling why are your telecom costs increasing?
  • Modern voice, internet, data and cloud services are cheaper and their associated surcharges less.
  • The 20% – 40% savings that Aligned Technologies typically generates on these services goes directly to your bottom line, or alternatively, they can be used to pay for any needed equipment upgrades.
  • In addition to generating savings, modern telecom solutions provide flexibility, scalability, increased capabilities and productivity.

Recurring outages

A Back-up Internet Connection Is Now Essential.

  • Businesses can no longer afford to be without internet connectivity especially if they are relying on web or cloud-based services for email, voice, file storage, file sharing, etc.
  • Aligned Technologies helps businesses find inexpensive secondary connectivity to ensure their employees never have to run to Starbucks to get connected.
  • Reliable internet connectivity is now as basic and essential a requirement as the requirement for power, so don’t risk your business for the sake of an inexpensive secondary connection.
  • We guarantee the best connectivity pricing no matter if you are looking for just a backup DSL or Cable connection or a secondary T1, Ethernet or Fiber connection.
New phone system

What Phone or Unified Communications (UCaaS) solution makes sense for your business?

    • Are you familiar with the “Pros & Cons” of more traditional premise-based versus more more modern cloud-based UCaaS solutions?
    • Do you understand the additional features offered by modern UCaaS solutions and how they can drive greater productivity for your business?
    • Do you need a Contact Center (CCaaS) solution for your business in order to handle your more sophisticated mutlichannel support needs?
    • We provide businesses with a free independent analysis of their UCaaS and CCaaS solution options and we guarantee the best pricing for those solutions from the nation’s leading providers and vendors
Moving to the cloud

Avoid Expensive Infrastructure Purchases.

    • Does moving to the cloud offer scalability for your business?
    • Aligned Technologies helps identify the best cloud providers.
    • Are you evaluating the availability and reliability of moving your business to the cloud?
    • We help businesses transition smoothly and cost-effectively to the cloud.

Have you had a recent third party Security Assessment?

Yesterday’s Security Reality

    • Will we be hacked?
    • Only the big guys get hacked

Today’s Security Reality

    • When will we be hacked?
    • We all know someone who has been hacked.
    • No business is too small to be hacked, and while bigger businesses have more to lose, smaller businesses tend to have taken less proactive measures and are easier to hack.

Internal security resources are expensive and hard to hold on to. We help our business clients sleep better at night by identifying and then proactively managing their cybersecurity risk with solutions from the industry’s leading third party security providers.

Is your IT team overrun with basic Help Desk Support requests?

  • Are password resets and other basic Help Desk Support requests taking up too much of their time?
  • Isn’t their time better spent on more critical initiatives for the business?
  • Do you find it hard to find and keep good staff to fill those lower level IT roles?
  • We have a number of Partners with deep Help Desk benches who can offload that heavy lifting from your IT team and they can even provide supplemental 7 x 24 Help Desk support if you are not providing that

How are you keeping up with increased security threats and changing compliance requirements?

    • Have you enabled remote working to help overcome agent attrition?
    • What are mandatory compliance requirements for your industry?
    • What certifications do you have today and what is the next certification you are going to need for your business?
    • Do you have an in-house Compliance Officer?
    • Do you actively track the compliance of your vendors?
    • Have you implemented GDPR?
    • We help business identify compliance solutions and providers to keep them ahead of their compliance needs.

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