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Be the Hero to Your Customers and Your Bottom Line

Why Partner with Aligned?

Your customers just want a single point of contact for all their technology needs and you have invested too heavily in winning your customers to then lose them to the first competitor offering a solution outside your core solutions portfolio. Customer churn is expensive and can easily be avoided by partnering with Aligned Technologies.

Aligned will help you become your customers’ hero, eliminate unnecessary churn and improve your bottom line in one fell swoop:

  • Backfilling any gaps in your technology solution portfolio and solutions expertise.
  • Enhancing your relationships with your existing customers by positioning you as their trusted advisor for their broader technology needs.
  • Generating new revenue streams and additional implementation work.

By partnering with Aligned you get to Protect, Provide and Promote your business:


Secure your base by offering a total solution for your customers’ technology needs, filling gaps in your current solution and services portfolio and your current areas of expertise.


Gain instant access to solutions and compensation from hundreds of telecom, technology, and SaaS application solution providers.


We'll go to market together and provide you with whatever marketing, sales, and account management support you require to maximize the value of our partnership for you and your customers.

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Benefits | Outcomes

Partnering with Aligned gives you instant access to an exhaustive breadth of leading technology and software solutions to better meet the needs of your customers. With one partnership, you can now offer a total, holistic, tailored portfolio of solutions for each of your customers’ specific technology needs. Aligned Technologies leverages our relationships with leading technology providers, vendors, distributors, and Master Agents not only to bring you an industry-leading portfolio of solutions to offer your customers, but also all the sales and engineering expertise, tools, and ongoing support resources to enable you to help your customers more effectively evaluate, select, and implement the best-fit solutions to meet their specific desired business goals.

There’s a new world of competition in the technology provider landscape, and every time a new vendor gets a foothold into one of your customer accounts, you provide them the opportunity to compete for your core business. The best way to fight the “land and expand” strategy of your competitors is to not give them any room to land, to begin with.

Reducing churn and attrition is a critical piece of the long-term success of every relationship-based business. Even if churn has historically not been an issue, the rapid changes in the competitive landscape mean you cannot afford to become complacent. The more solution needs your customers fulfill through you, the stickier they become and the less likely they are to leave you in the long run.
Customers don’t want to have to think about what technology or vendors they need to power their business. They don’t want to worry about what to do when things go wrong. They want one provider, one contact, one call to make. Partnering with Aligned, you can be the first and only name they think of for any of their technology needs, and we can support you where you need us to.
By selling more services to the customers you already have, you increase the average revenue per customer, making the accounts you manage more profitable and significantly raising the overall value of your business. Commit to a “land and expand” strategy yourself and take advantage of the easy “do you want fries with that” extra sale to customers who already trust you and are already buying from you.

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Registering an Opportunity

Aligned Technologies uses Salesforce to track all customer opportunities and your resulting commissions. Existing or prospective new partners are invited to register their customer opportunities below.

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Solution Demos

As part of our ongoing commitment to our partners and their customers we host regular free lunchtime webinars and solution demos introducing new technologies and the value they offer businesses who implement them.

Check out our Learning Center for both upcoming webinars and recordings of past solution demos.

Feel free to invite your team members and your customers to attend upcoming webinars or catch up on past solution demo recordings on any specific technology solutions they may be interested in finding out more about.