Aligned Solutions

Transformative Technologies

Evaluating competing technologies and vendors on a daily basis provides Aligned Technologies the unique experience to educate and guide you on solutions and infrastructure that can literally transform how you enable your employees, connect with your market, provide your services, and of course communicate and collaborate with your customers and suppliers.

Instead of fearing technological changes or falling behind, our Clients embrace new but proven solutions from leading providers to get a step on their competitors.

Our broad and comprehensive relationships with leading technology solution providers and vendors allow us to address our clients’ most strategic technology concerns. We have particular expertise and experience with evaluating competing solutions within the following categories:

Unified Communications

Enabling unified voice, collaboration, and conferencing capabilities is key to making you easy to do business with. We’ll identify solutions that drive greater employee productivity with key systems integrations and provide you the flexibility to let your employees work from anywhere, improving employee satisfaction while greatly reducing your office and travel costs.


As more infrastructure and applications move offsite to data centers and the cloud, providing faster, more reliable, better quality, redundant internet connectivity is essential for every business. We’ll identify the top internet connectivity options for your company and also address your Wide Area Networking needs with more modern, less expensive, and more secure SD-WAN and SASE WAN solutions.

Data Center /
Cloud Infrastructure

Moving operations and DR infrastructure offsite either to a quality custom-built data center or to the cloud increases your uptime and reduces your risk. We’ll help you take advantage of the most up-to-date, scalable and secure infrastructure solutions from the world’s leading data center, private, public, and hybrid cloud providers. As your data accumulates at increasingly alarming rates we’ll identify solutions that can optimize your use of storage solutions.


Securing your operating infrastructure, data, and communications against cyberattacks and breaches relies on staying ahead of threats. As these threats and the demand for increased vigilance and compliance continue to grow, we'll help you enhance and test your device, network, and data security with solutions from leading security solution providers, and even provide security training for your employees.

Software /
Applications Licensing

Managing software, licensing agreements, and billing from an increasing number of vendors can be a challenge. We’ll provide an application marketplace for all your enterprise software needs allowing you to consolidate all your application license purchasing, billing, and support from a single Apple iTunes or Google Play store-like interface and dedicated support team.


Energy powers all your business operations, and for many businesses, after their payroll, energy costs are their next highest monthly cost. Deregulation of the energy marketplace has presented the majority of US businesses the opportunity to reduce their monthly energy spend. We’ll provide a free Energy Audit to confirm how well you are taking advantage of possible savings opportunities and what additional measures would allow you to maximize your energy savings further.