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High-Speed Internet Connectivity is now a must.

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The Problem You Are Facing

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If you are still using a T1 for your primary internet connectivity then you are operating at what now amounts to “Dial-Up” internet speed and paying over the odds for the privilege.

  • With more businesses leveraging Cloud-based services for everything from their email to their file storage and file sharing having a secondary internet connection is now becoming crucial.
  • Aligned Technologies is an independent telecom broker and we have tools what instantly identify the availability and pricing of the different internet connectivity options for our business clients.
  • When looking for a super reliable fiber connection, a less reliable but cheap cable or asymmetric ethernet connection, or perhaps something in between, we guarantee you the very best pricing.

Achieving Your Vision

We help you select and implement the right high-speed connectivity to achieve your vision. Our goal is simple: to make sure your bandwidth capabilities aligns with your business goals and remains within your technology budget.

Leverage our Tools and Expertise

Our proprietary tools and deep solutions expertise help you fast track your bandwidth evaluations and improve your technology decision-making.

Stay on Top of Changing Technologies

Our guides are experts in ensuring your bandwidth is properly aligned with your business goals and your business stays on top of the changing technologies and ahead of your competition.

Get the Most
Competitive Pricing

Our sourcing expertise makes sure you get the most competitive pricing for your new or existing internet connection and our implementation expertise smoothens your implementation experience.

Guaranteeing Success

When you choose to work with an Aligned Technologies guide you take advantage of our proven “Technology Transformation Plan” (TTP). This is a simple 3 step plan for YOUR SUCCESS.

Confirm Goals

Confirm your technology initiatives and business goals and ensure they are properly aligned.

Evaluate Solutions

Leverage our tools and engineering experts to evaluate, shortlist, conduct demos, and make solution and provider recommendations.

Select, Implement
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Aligned Pathfinder

Aligned's Pathfinder puts the universe of technology right at your fingertips to fast track your technology solutions research. Tools developed from decades of our guides, architects and engineers research from helping thousands of clients with the latest technologies. Watch this one minute video to get a glimpse of the power of Pathfinder.

Solution Demo

Identifying Lit Buildings and Connectivity Options

Internet access is now a must have for every business at even their most remote locations, so while most metro locations can count on multiple internet service options available in “Lit Buildings” there are certain areas and buildings that are problematic when it comes to sourcing a high speed internet connection.

Solution Demo

Nationwide Internet Services

Join us to see live how Viasat with the launch of their latest satellite, Viasat 2, now provides high-speed business class internet coverage to almost 100% of the US. This means that Viasat now allows a business to set up shop just about anywhere and reliably connect to all their critical business applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, IoT connectivity, and more.

Solution Demo

Gigabit Wireless Services

Learn how SilverIP provides robust and high quality Gigabit Wireless services to the Chicago and Milwaukee business communities. Leveraging a fully meshed microwave radio network SilverIP offers business, large residential buildings and special event coordinators reliable, low latency and ultra-fast internet service with a 99.999% network uptime SLA (greater than a fiber SLA). With extremely competitive pricing (particularly in multi-tenant lit buildings) , typical install timelines of 2 days to 2 weeks and concierge proactive monitoring and support they are an excellent ISP option for those within their footprint.