Imagine the Possibilities When Your Technology ALIGNS With Your Business

Make better technology decisions

You have a vision.
You need the right technology to achieve it.

For Small or Medium Businesses

Leverage our large enterprise experience, processes, and tools — all tailored to meet your unique SMB needs. Find the technology that works best for you and your budget with our industry experts backing you up every step of the way.

Take your SMB to the next level.

For Large Enterprises

Harness our expertise to drive the outcomes and advantages your business needs to compete. Save time and money and fast-track your technology evaluations, while eliminating the fear of making a poor, costly decision or a critical error in choosing your solutions and vendors.

Level up your operations.

Technology Solutions Simplified

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate and this makes it impossible for leaders to stay on top of all the latest leading technology solutions and vendors.

Most business needs are actually technology needs.
Most business challenges are actually technology challenges.

Discover the best solutions to meet your needs and overcome your challenges.

  • Reduce the risks that often accompany technology decision-making
  • Insulate yourself from endless meetings and pushy salespeople

  • Make smarter, more informed decisions using our proven process
  • Stay ahead of the technology adoption curve

  • Evaluate, select and implement technology faster

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Our Technology Transformation Process Agreement

When you work with our Aligned Technologies guides, we guarantee the following:

You Pay Nothing

We help you evaluate solutions and negotiate the best possible pricing by ethically putting vendors in friendly competition with one another. We do this literally every day and there’s zero cost to work with our experienced guides.
Get Aligned

You Choose for Yourself

We provide options and make informed recommendations based upon your goals and our industry and solutions insights, but you always stay in the driver’s seat. You get to choose the solutions that make sense for you, and, you get to opt to move forward — or not!
Get Aligned

You Save Valuable Time

We do all the heavy lifting and research for you, leveraging our proprietary tools to expedite evaluations and, freeing you up to focus on conquering your business objectives.
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You Enjoy Objective Guidance

We are here to serve you. With no allegiances and no required quotas with any vendors, as extensions to your team our focus remains firmly on your one-of-a-kind goals.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

All of the insights. None of the noise.

Expertise Aligned With Your Business Goals

You need an independent technology advisor committed to making your life easier — not loud vendor salespeople or aggressive product pitches. We’re not here to sell you anything; we’re simply here to empower you to make the very best technology decisions for your business.

The first step to achieving your business’ strategic vision starts with your free, customized technology transformation plan.