Thermal Imaging and Temperature Monitoring

Clearly after months of lockdown and remote working no wise business leader is going to now carelessly risk the health of their employees, so many are evaluating implementing additional solutions which can further protect their employees wellbeing on their return.

AT&T’s IoT Video and Data Analytics offerings include three Thermal Imaging Solutions offering additional peace in mind for businesses and their employees as they begin to return to the office.

This webinar reviews these three solutions:
– The Thermal Analytics Platform solution
– The Thermal Analytics Kiosk solution, and finally
– The Thermal Crowd Scanning solution

Watch this webinar to see some common use cases, find out how these solutions work, how they integrate with building security/access systems, and how very inexpensive they are for any business wanting to take a more cautious approach to opening their office doors and asking their employees to come back into the office.

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