4 Reasons Not To Wait For Google Fiber

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We hear lots of good things about Google Fiber from the few cities where it has been rolled out. The issue seems to be however that there are so few cities. Additionally Google’s roll out plan for further cities has been less aggressive and well communicated than competing plans from the traditional telecom carriers, ISPs and cable companies.

Most of our clients can’t wait another 3 years for the chance of Google rolling out their Fiber services in their city and who can blame them? They have an immediate need. So as a business owner or decision-making executive what are the 4 reasons you shouldn’t be waiting for Google Fiber to provide you the reliable and high bandwidth solution your business needs to stay competitive?

1) If you know how to look you will find Fiber is here already!
Fiber availability has absolutely exploded within the last 24 months.
Most multitenant buildings have already been “Lit” (had fiber delivered), by one if not more different providers. Businesses within those buildings therefore already have ready access to a Fiber based service from one or possible more alternate providers. Unfortunately, many of these businesses just don’t know it (and neither do most building management tenant representatives) and so they are still stuck with their old T1 and bonded T1 internet connections.
USA Voice & Data has proprietary tools that allow us to confirm for you not only whether your office building is “Lit” but also which providers have it “Lit”. Additionally, we can also confirm which other providers have Network Peering Relationships with those already in the building thereby letting them also compete for your business without any unnecessary construction. USA Voice & Data uses this knowledge of competing service providers to negotiate the best possible rates for our clients.

2) The major telco’s and cable companies are now willing to pay for any construction costs
Massive amounts of capital continues to be invested by all the major telecom, ISP and cable companies to replace their tired and “expensive to maintain” network assets. What are they replacing those old network assets with? You guessed it! Fiber!
So don’t assume that because you aren’t in a multitenant or a “Lit” building that it isn’t going to be affordable to order Fiber services for your business. That just isn’t the case anymore.
USA Voice & Data has been able to get extremely affordable Fiber services delivered to small and medium sized businesses in suburban areas and even remote residential properties in Lake Geneva WI. Furthermore, we have done so without the business being required to pay for any of the Fiber service providers’ upfront construction costs.

3) Fiber is cheap
Even just 12 months ago, fiber was rarely affordable unless your office just happened to be in a Type A or B commercial building that had already been lit by a number of competing fiber providers.
Fortunately the ILECs (AT&T, Verizon, Qwest etc..) have been beaten on so hard by the local Cable companies and their cheap big-bandwidth coax cable solutions that they have been forced to respond with extremely competitive fiber pricing.
Furthermore, ILECs, CLECs, ISPs and Cable companies have all been establishing Network Peering Relationships with one another so they can participate in this increasingly competitive marketplace nationwide. This means instead of there being “only one horse in town” there is now 20 or more competing providers able to provide you services, and in much the same way that Long Distance pricing cratered after deregulation, fiber pricing is doing the same today.
What is cheap? USA Voice & Data has seen 100MB FastE Fiber internet services for as low as $500, and 1GB GigE Fiber internet services for as low as $2000. That’s cheap!!

4) Your move to the Cloud means Fiber is a necessity
Most businesses rely so heavily on their voice, data and internet networks these days they simply cannot afford for those connections to go down. Leveraging Cloud services just makes reliability and redundancy within your networks a must rather than a nice to have.
There are reasons that telecom carriers and ISPs use fiber at the core of their networks and those reasons are reliability and low latency. So as your business moves your applications, data and processing to the cloud those same reasons will become increasingly important to you.

To explore your Fiber service options at your current address (or perhaps a future address if you are planning an office move) just give USA Voice & Data a call at 312-604-3070 or email us at info@usavoicedata.com. We would be happy to help you look into fiber availability and pricing for your office.


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