5 Ways a Cloud Email Service Saves You Time

Reliable email functionality is an absolute necessity for any business today. Internal email services housed on your own servers used to be the gold standard for many enterprises, yet today’s cloud-based options offer far greater scalability and flexibility than server-based email.

Here USA Voice & Data supplier partner Evolve IP gives you 5 reasons how the right cloud email service can save time, money and increase productivity in your company:

Email continues to be one of the most popular communication methods for businesses, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. With email taking the lead in business communications, you need to ensure your business is set up for success. Here are five ways in which cloud email service can save time for both your IT department and users:

1.  Eliminate hardware or solution maintenance

Moving your email to the cloud means no more attention wasted on onsite servers. Additionally, migration and continuous software updates can help decrease (or even eliminate) maintenance-related downtime. Without the need for on-premises hardware upkeep, your IT team has more time to take on other projects.

2.  Avoid costly downtime

Every moment your email is down, it costs your company in a number of ways. With onsite email solutions, updates, scaling, and other threats could potentially lead to downtime. In 2016, unplanned outages cost companies up to $2.4 billion, according to research by the Ponemon Institute. That’s more than double the cost in 2010. The top three factors costing your company during downtime? Business disruption, lost revenue and reduced employee productivity, the report states.

3.  Seamless integration means more efficiency

Don’t bog down your teams with clumsy servers and cumbersome integration processes. An integrated email solution saves time and energy for your employees. Additionally, cloud-based email has rapid application delivery, which helps ensure that business processes remain efficient.

4.  Easily scale and update

Cloud email services provide you with the ability to quickly scale and update—saving your IT team a lot of headaches. Companies that migrate to cloud email services see the benefits of standardized and automated functionality.

5.  Better security and compliance

For many industries and businesses, security and compliance are vital to ensure trust and help follow strict regulations. Unfortunately, maintaining high-security standards and adhering to compliance regulations takes a lot of time and hinders productivity when managing it on your own. Effective, cloud- based, secure email solutions help organizations comply with global, regional and industry-specific requirements like healthcare (HIPAA), government and homeland security (FISMA), education (FERPA), and banking. And applications stay up-to-date with evolving privacy compliance standards.

All of this is simplified into one huge benefit: increased productivity—which can save your company time and money.

More and more businesses are coming to USA Voice & Data to fulfill this need and to avoid the costly and unnecessary expense of hiring someone full-time with that expertise. By carefully monitoring the cloud services marketplace for all our clients, we stay on top of the many different emerging cloud providers, their solutions and their most competitive pricing.

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