Considerations For Moving To The Cloud

moving to the cloud

More and more businesses are “Moving To The Cloud” but why? What’s so great about the Cloud and why is this migration taking place? This article details some of the advantages of a Cloud Infrastructure and explores considerations you should be taking into account before replacing any premise equipment and infrastructure.

Why Should You Move To The Cloud?

The Cloud allows even the smallest business to quickly implement an infrastructure which is:

  • Reliable
  • Redundant
  • Disaster-proof
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Fully Managed
  • Affordable

Furthermore, unlike conventional hardware servers, the Cloud brings together multiple servers and storage arrays into one unified system. This means:

  • You can always access the hardware resources you need for outstanding performance
  • Your applications are more consistently available, with no single point of failure
  • You pay for the resources you need, not a plan that greatly exceeds your usage
  • You can scale instantly, ensuring you’re always prepared for rapid growth

When Should You Move To The Cloud?

A move to the Cloud is less timing sensitive than most infrastructural changes as Cloud infrastructure can be spun up very quickly in parallel with one’s existing infrastructure and without a major capital outlay. For this reason, while totally understanding businesses want to maximize the value they extract from their existing infrastructure, we still encourage them to make the move before their existing infrastructure fails them!

Who Should Move to The Cloud?

We recognize some businesses should be prioritizing their move. These include:

  • Businesses whose telecom, server or storage infrastructure requires an upgrade
  • Businesses without a back-up or any level or redundancy for their existing infrastructure
  • Businesses maintaining multiples instances of their infrastructure across different business locations
  • Businesses with multiple locations without the resources to easily support multiple locations infrastructure and systems
  • Businesses who have the need to regularly spin up and down dedicated development, testing and production environments
  • Businesses who have the need to rapidly scale up and down their infrastructure to support their seasonal business needs

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