DRaaS 101 – Leveraging the cloud to protect your Operating Infrastructure

Most businesses have recognized the importance of backing up their data to the cloud, but now, with the increasing affordability of DRaaS solutions, a rapidly growing percentage of them are now taking the next logical step for ensuring their survival. They are now backing up their entire Operating Infrastructure to the cloud using a DRaaS solution.

In this “DRaaS 101” webinar USA Voice and Data is joined by one of our leading DRaaS solution partners, iland, and together we discuss and demonstrate how easy it is to leverage the cloud to protect your entire Operating Infrastructure rather than just using it to back up your data. After all what use is data (whether stored locally or in the cloud) if you don’t have the infrastructure to access and process it?

This video explains not only why DRaaS should be your next DR initiative, but also it reviews:

– The 3-2-1 Rule of Data Availability
– How Data Backups are no longer enough
– How DRaaS can provide true IT Resilience
– How DRaaS can be a great stepping stone to full cloud infrastructure adoption

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