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Regardless of whether you have seen the movie “Office Space” you will no doubt have experienced the frustration of your printer not working, churning out unintelligible error messages or just simply running out of supplies.

Anyway the good news is this frustration no longer needs to happen, due to a new fully managed service called Print Management. USA Voice & Data has recently partnered with a leading nationwide provider to offer the many benefits of this service as described below.

Unmanaged Print Facts

  • Most companies have little if any visibility to their actually printing costs.
  • 90% of companies do not even know how many print devices they have and how much they are utilized, let alone each printers’ relative efficiency or comparative operational costs.
  • Unmanaged printing costs can run from between 1% and 3% of a company’s revenue.
  • Most companies still frustrate their IT or Office Management staff and waste their valuable time servicing their printers, despite these staff having no training or certification on these devices.
  • 23% of help desk calls are printing/copying related.

What is Print Management?

Print Management is a fully managed service consisting of four main constituent parts:

  • Fleet Management. Print Management providers remotely monitoring your print devices and print costs by employing a data collection agent to capture your usage and downtime events. Providers know which printers are the most cost-effective, and which ones fail the most often — so they can help you understand your fleet costs and utilization performance.
  • Supply Procurement. Print Management providers understand that having a closet full of toner cartridges is a budget drain so they monitor usage and supplies on a device by device basis, shipping you only the supplies you need, and only when you need them.
  • Problem Remediation. USA Voice & Data has selected a vendor-neutral Print Management provider to partner with, whose certified technicians are trained to proactively maintain all of the top brands printers and get them running when problems arise.
  • Optimization. TCO reporting. Detailed reporting allows Print Management providers to break down the numbers for true cost visibility. These reports allow you to clearly see when it’s time to repair an old workhorse and when it’s time to upgrade it to a more cost-effective solution.

Does Print Management make sense financially?

In a word YES. Typically a quality Print Management solution can save a business as much as 30% in printing costs. Furthermore there is no cost to have a Print Management survey completed to quantify the size of the savings opportunity for your business.

Do I have to buy new printers to enable Print Management?

No absolutely not. Print Management services can leverage your existing printers and still increase your printer uptime and decrease your print costs.

How do you confirm if Print Management would make sense for your business?

Just give us a call at 312-604-3070 or email us at and we will introduce you to our Print Management partner and schedule a free Print Management survey to quantify how much this managed service could save your business.

Or keep on doing what you are doing and wait for your next “Office Space” moment… your call.

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