SD-WAN Explained

Everyone is talking about it, so why the big hype around SD-WAN? Whether you’re somewhat familiar with the technology, or a complete novice, USA Voice & Data are here to get you up to speed with the new hot topic in the business network technology world.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network.

Software defined networking capabilities can be applied as a virtual overlay to a company’s current WAN connection links and reduce network and management costs (which would typically be a more expensive and time-consuming MPLS and LTE-based methods).

See our SD-WAN Explainer video here where we’ve created a visual demonstration of how it works.

What are the benefits?

There’s a reason that 1/5 of businesses are looking to SD-WAN to improve their network quality. SD-WAN creates a way to install and manage the hybrid or private and/or public network services that can be deployed virtually anywhere; taking the intelligence from traditional telecom hardware, turning it into pure software. This makes your network faster, less expensive and more flexible.

What SD-WAN Vendor Fits my Company Best?

So you understand how SD-WAN works and the benefits it brings to your company, but there’s so many vendors out there to choose from; How do you pick the best vendor for you?

Today’s IT leaders are turning to a Vendor Neutral Technology Advisor for their SD-WAN needs. Why? Because a vendor neutral advisor has your best interests at heart. Besides confirming the availability of the best fiber connectivity for your office (see our blog on Lit Buildings) you get the benefits of:

  • Gaining access to multiple prequalified suppliers without negotiating contracts.
  • A Vendor Neutral Technology Advisor is here to simply find you unbiased, best fit recommendations (unlike sales vendors who need to meet supplier sales quotas).
  • Customer support is always on hand to fight for you, to get your issues solved before, during and after installation.


SD-WAN solutions are cutting edge, scalable and extremely cost-effective. A Vendor Neutral Technology advisor helps you choose the best option for you. No strings attached.

Contact us here at USA Voice & Data to discuss what your SD-WAN needs are today.

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