Telecom Myths: Part Two – Service Types and Providers

telecom myths

Cable and DSL speeds are consistently higher than T1 speeds.

False. Let me guess, you heard this from your local exchange provider, telecom or cable company representative trying to sell you some CHEAP connectivity! While Cable and DSL offer much higher maximum bandwidths than you will get from a T1, the bandwidths quoted are best effort only, and cable in particular is impacted by all the other cable customers traffic in your neighborhood (so you will see your speed fall off dramatically when the local kids come home from school and start streaming video or playing online video games.)

While T1s do not provide comparable peak download bandwidths, the speed you will experience is often higher because a T1 is a dedicated circuit with much lower latency, error and re-transmission rates.

T1 voice services are not as reliable as POTs lines.

False. Let me guess, you heard this from your local exchange provider or an old system phone vendor! While POTs lines have proven incredibly resilient and for that reason are still recommended for alarm lines, they do not come with any Service Level Agreement and thus, any POTs line service issues are addressed on a best-effort basis. T1 voice services, by contrast, have become the business phone service standard due to their cost efficiency, reliability and their industry standard 4 hour Service Level Agreement.

I can only order services from a provider in my building.

False. Let me guess, you heard this from your building manager or tenant services representative who has very little telecom knowledge! While working with a provider who already has services within your building already (or has your building “lit”) can on occasion offer you some pricing or speed of install advantages, this is more the exception than the rule. In competitive markets, services can be ordered from numerous quality service providers whether they are already in a building or not. You can frequently beat the pricing and installation timeframes of those providers already in the building.

Your current provider has a better quality network than anyone else’s network.

False. (well 99% of the time.) Let me guess, you heard this from your current service provider representative who was keen to reinforce it is better to stick with “the devil you know” and to dissuade you from switching to another provider. There are literally hundreds of providers out there, so “you can do the math”, the vast majority are lying to you when they say this!! Also you should be aware that regardless of who you order your voice or internet services from, all carriers leverage each others’ networks to minimize their internal costs to complete calls over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or complete communication over the internet.

Final Thoughts

Telecommunications is an essential part of modern business and with the rapid changes in technology and service options, it can be a little overwhelming. When you need or want new service or equipment, remember to take your time, do your homework and watch out for telecom myths thrown at you by the sales teams of the different service providers and equipment vendors!

Contact USA Voice & Data if you need help analyzing your precise situation. Our team of experts will debunk any myths you may have heard and see you find a cost effective services solution for your telecom service and system needs. Call us today at 312-604-3070, or email us at to get started with your telecom services.

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