Top 5 Reasons NOT to Call a Telecom Broker


  1. Ignorance is Bliss.
    Telecom bills are designed to confuse you. If you can’t understand what you’re paying for and don’t really care, just keep paying the bill until someone eventually raises a ruckus.
  2. Voice and Internet services aren’t important to your business.
    If your services are down then your business is only mildly impacted. Your employees are very easygoing and understanding and your clients can reach you on cell phones until your services are finally restored. Hopefully.
  3. Time is on your side.
    You have plenty of time to spend meeting with multiple new providers and evaluating multiple disparate proposals. If your current services agreement isn’t up for renewal for another couple of years, then spread out those meetings and maybe even meet a few times with each carrier and new carrier rep.
  4. Breaking up is hard to do.
    Despite your current voice and internet provider contacts being “missing in action” and your current service pricing no longer being competitive, the very thought of making a change fills you with dread. Perhaps it is better to just “hang in there” and tolerate the poorest customer service known to mankind?
  5. Other Fish to Fry!
    Regardless of the performance (or lack thereof) of your current service infrastructure, your telecom and cloud strategies are at the bottom of a long list of other priorities. Life is good, cloud can wait.

If you’re a Business Owner, CFO, Operations/Office Manager or in charge of your company’s telecom and IT infrastructure then probably none of these 5 reasons ring true for you. Why not give USA Voice & Data a call to schedule a complimentary Telecom Review and learn about what upgrades and cost savings opportunities may exist for you?

USA Voice & Data can quickly help you to determine which modern telecom and cloud services would make the most sense for your organization and we save most business clients between 20% and 40% on their monthly telecom services. Call us today at 312-604-3070.

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