UCaaS 101 – How to select your last ever phone system – JIVE

Why are businesses moving, in droves, from their current phone systems to modern Cloud Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solutions? If you haven’t already moved from your premise-based phone system to a Cloud UCaaS solution then this webinar should not be missed!

In this webinar we share insight gained from us helping literally hundreds of businesses already move to a Cloud UCaaS solution.

1. What is UCaaS? – A UCaaS 101
2. What is driving the explosive growth within the Cloud UCaaS space?
3. What would the impacts/benefits be for your business moving to a Cloud UCaaS solution?
4. Who are the major players in the Cloud UCaaS space and how do their solutions differ?
5. How USAVD can help you evaluate your Cloud UCaaS solution provider options and ensure you achieve your Cloud UCaaS goals and initiatives?
6. A live demo of JIVE’s UCaaS solution highlighting their easy to use Dial Plan Editor (for mapping out your call business’s call flow) and GoToRoom integrated Room Video Conferencing solution from Dolby.

Contact USA Voice and Data for assistance selecting the right Cloud UCaaS solution for your business.

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