UCaaS 101 – Vonage – The Complete Communications Platform

In this webinar we review and demo how Vonage Business have created a single platform capable of handling literally any business’ evolving communication needs.

Vonage’s Communications Platform and their proprietary technology stack is built on AWS using micro-services for maximum scalability and reliability. Vonage Business has:

– a global footprint and a global carrier network
– core applications (including “VBC” or Vonage Business Communications, their UCaaS application and “VCC” or Vonage Contact Center, their CCaaS application)
– communications APIs (allowing CPaaS programmable communications), and finally
– the Vonage Integration Suite with it’s broad range of pre-built configurable integrations into most major CRMs and common business applications

Vonage Business clearly places an emphasis exploring how they can help transform their clients’ capabilities rather than just replacing their phone systems, and within this demo you will see first hand how the VBC application integrates CRMs or business applications right within it, in a single pane of glass, thus increasing the productivity of users and the data being collected within those business applications.

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