Monitor, Manage and Improve Employee Productivity

The Future of Work is NOW. COVID has forced “Work From Home” to become the “new norm” that isn’t going away anytime soon. Work From Home in turn has necessitated a mass adoption of cloud solutions and accelerated the Digital Transformation that business leaders were demanding and technology leaders were previously struggling to deliver.

More often than not this transformation has been taking place without any serious plan or tools being put in place for how to effectively monitor, manage or improve the productivity of the new remote workforce, and leaving business leaders effectively “Flying Blind”.

Adopting “Work From Home” unquestionably provides most businesses the opportunity to improve their employees’ productivity, but without a means for ensuring their remote employees are actively working on their highest priority activities how can any business leader truly ensure they are maximizing their productivity?

In this lunchtime webinar we review how cloud solutions are being leveraged to enable and improve Remote Working productivity before introducing “Prodoscore” who demonstrates how they take the guesswork out of managing remote (or in-office) teams with a simple to implement cloud solution. This solution allows leaders to actively monitor, manage and improve their employees productivity no matter their location. It identifies non-performers who might need to be let go, average performers who might just need a little coaching, and finally star performers whose activity and practices need to copied by their peers.

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