What You Need to Know About Comcast’s Fiber Outage

Last Friday, June 29, 2018, Comcast suffered a major nationwide network outage due to a cut in their nationwide fiber backbone.  This outage impacted a multitude of both residential and commercial businesses’ broadband internet and voice services.   The outage started around 11:30am CST with services eventually being fully restored around 3:30pm CST.

If your business was one of the millions of businesses affected by Comcast’s nationwide network outage and you want to explore ways to eliminate the debilitating effects these internet outages or network congestion have on your productivity of your staff and your business…

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USA Voice and Data not only provides DR or backup connectivity solutions to our business clients we also provide a wide range of SD-WAN services which allow our clients to save money while also getting the best possible performance for all your business applications.  Our SD-WAN solutions help you totally avoid the effects of service outages and network congestion by load balancing and intelligently managing your traffic to leverage all your ISP and network connections.

So don’t let your business get caught out again by a major network provider outage or network congestion, whether that be Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Windstream or CenturyLink (Level 3)…

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We look forward to helping you secure a solid and reliable internet connection for your business.

Thanks and we hope everyone had a Happy July 4th – from your team at USA Voice and Data.

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