Why Choose E-LAN Connectivity?

An E-LAN (or Ethernet-LAN) is a multipoint-to-multipoint service that connects a number of UNIs (2 or more) providing full mesh connectivity for those sites. Each UNI can communicate with any other UNI that is connected to that Ethernet service. So how can it benefit your business?

Enhanced network communications are critical to the success of any business organization with multiple locations. A reliable Ethernet-based network solution is a superior (and cost-effective) alternative, delivering increased capacity, enhanced security and scalability.

For organization with multiple branches, E-LAN provides businesses with a transparent Layer  2 virtual LAN that can seamlessly connect multiple sites, connecting each location’s premise equipment, enabling the transfer of data through a single Ethernet interface.

USA Voice & Data are partnering with the E-LAN Experts at RCN Business to bring you exciting E-LAN benefits such as:

  • Transparent multipoint service for centralized connectivity between multiple locations
  • Seamlessly connect all business locations and employees on a single reliable network
  • SLAs for availability, latency, packet loss and mean time to repair
  • MEF CE 2.0 certified solutions available
  • End-to-end network monitoring 24/7/365
  • Dedicated local support

Want to find out more on how E-LAN can benefit your business? Contact USA Voice & Data today!

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